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Benjamin den Boer

I design and code at Framer.

Monika Michalczyk
Jordan Dobson
Koen Bok
Koen Bok
Jordan Dobson
Nick Waelkens

Engineering at @Framer • Previously @Adyen @Teamleader • Professional human being

Addison Schultz

Product Specialist @ Framer

Sebastian Graz

Design at Framer

Jorn van Dijk

Founder & designer at Framer. Previously product design at Facebook and Sofa.

Eelco Lempsink

Product Engineer @framer | Co-founder @beamer_app | macOS/iOS developer

Jurre Houtkamp

Design at Framer

Viktor Renkema
Iain Kettles

Customer Success Engineer

Niels van Hoorn

Product Engineer at Framer

Peri Langlois

Product Specialist

Edoardo Mercati

I throw balls in the air and draw rectangles @framer. Not simultaneously.

Matt Perry

Motion @Framer. Illegitimate father of @PopmotionJS (results pending). Part-time photon thief

Floris Verloop

Design & Code at Framer

Marc Bouchenoire

I design and build tools, products, interfaces and icons • @framer • he/him • 🌱

Steve Ruiz

Designer in London, ex-Chicago.

Artem Riasnianskyi

product engineer

Brian Lovin

Chief Nice Boy™ · Co-founder of Spectrum